Sunday, 2 November 2008


This was the best piccie I could get =(
It doesnt really do it Justice, the pink is a lovely bright pink,
but with having a not so good camera, it just didnt turn out as well as it could have!

I purposely didnt get the floor in because it's still bare lol. It's so close to Christmas now, so I wont get anything else for the house now until afterwards =D
The area in the piccie is where I used to have 2 very large cupboards. as you can see from my last post, the piccies there were taken during this wall being knocked down lol. My Kitchen is now much bigger than before =D I originally had 2 units under the window, and 2 units opposite.
Now my Kitchen has units all the around it, it's fabulous lol.

I will try to get a better piccie today, I think the fact it was evening that I took this piccie didnt help any with the colour etc lol.

A little update too, I forgot to let you all know how Shaun and Kennedy did.....well, they were singing 'Walking On Sunshine' and also did a routine to it too.....we get to Glasgow, and they dont provide you with a backing track, so they had to do the routine with no music. They did awesome tho lol. We were told beforehand that no-one would be told if they were successful or not, we would be informed by letter, or telephone call lol. So if we get a call, they have made it to the next round of auditions.....if we get a letter, unfortunately they havent made it! It could take as a long as January for them to find out. Lets hope they get some news sooon.


Lava DownUnder Scraps by Pash & Polu said...

oohhh, I lurve the color! I wonder what hubby would think if I did the bedroom that color?? hmmm, he'll probably shoot me! LoL! :) It really is beautiful, Chelle!
The best of luck to Kennedy & Shaun! Hope that they make it to the next round! :)

weescotslass said...

glad you like it Polu lol. I will try to get a better one today =D

Lava DownUnder Scraps by Pash & Polu said...

okie dokie! :) I sent it to the hubby btw! Waiting for his response! :) haha