Friday, 27 May 2016


ok so I got my tutorial site back up and running.

Was let down again, so just went ahead and purchased a new domain name,
and got site back up :D

Hopefully once I get some of my old tutorials re-worked
(a few are missing since I think they would look better re-worked)
I can get some new tutorials done :D
Fingers crossed, but in the meantime, 
my old tutorials are now available for anyone who wants to try them out :D

Please bear in mind I like to scrap too, so will be going between tutorials, and scraps, so the tutorial site will not be updated constantly, just as and when i get mojo to play :D

Hope it can be useful to some

Chelle xx

1 comment:

Lily Portilla said...

congratulations, it will be a pleasure to learn with their tutorials