Thursday, 29 January 2009

New Tutorial By Bluey

You can find this awesome tutorial here
Thanks Bluey for an awesome tag =D
This Tutorial uses my Solitude Kit
which is available here on my blog!
Right, off to get kiddies ready for School, have an awesome day everyone

New Tutorial By Jennifer

You can find this beautiful tutorial here
Thanks Jennifer =D

This Tutorial uses my 'Be Mine' Kit which is available here on my blog!

Monday, 19 January 2009

New Award

I've been awarded by the fabby Lou of Designz By Lou
Thanks so much Lou xox
Now I have to pass this award on to 5 amazing blogs!

5 fabulous blogs to go check out =D
have fun


Thursday, 15 January 2009

If it aint one, its the other!

OK I posted to let you guys know about my baby boy.....well, seems my baby girlie didnt want to be outdone and has come down with Scarlet Fever also =(
I havent had much time at all, I went and made some goodies tonight for a new Kit I'm working on which might be available tomorrow depending on how my babies are lol. Other than that.....Ive been busy busy busy as you can imagine.

Ethan is much better tho which is great, still a bit sleepy tho, but Kiana is not handling her Scarlet Fever so well, she's been throwing up all over the place.....not good! I'm hoping that she wont be sick tomorrow and maybe the Penicillin might get a chance to work on her little body.

I might be back tomorrow with a kit and a freebie, if not, hopefully Saturday =D

Have a good night/day


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Tutorial

By the wonderful Bluey from BlueDreamDesigns

isnt it gorgeous???

Its called 'My Love Is Skin Deep' and you can find it here

Thanks Wanda =D


Scarlet Fever!

It's lovely isnt it, or at least it sounds nice lol.

It was my youngest boys Burpday yesterday and he spent most of it not feeling well =(

My niece was recently in hospital with Scarlet Fever, and when I noticed his tongue was a bit furry with blotches, I got him an appointment as soon as I could. He had already been ill and spending alot of time asleep.

He had a throat swab taken just to be sure, and we got the confirmation today, he has group A Strep in the other words, he has Scarlet Fever lol.

He seems to be better today tho as in, hes not in bed lol. His tongue looks weird, but hes excited about a whole week off school as you can imagine!

So anyway, lets hope it doesnt stay too long and it doesnt spread to the other 3 kiddies.....Oh my, can you imagine?????

I'm going into hiding lol

Hope you all had an awesome weekend

Hugs Chelle


Saturday, 10 January 2009


A freebie Quick Page for you guys from my 'Be Mine' kit!
12x12 and 300dpi saved asPSD file.

I didnt have another photo to use lol, so I used one of my daughter that was taken when she was about 30 minutes old lol.

New Award

From Jennifer from Believe Designs

What a fantastic award, thank you Jennifer =D

I want to pass this award on to

Designs By Ali
Designs By Lou
Teresas Scraps
and last but in no way least.....
Sheldon Designs

New Tutorial

By Jennifer from Believe Designs

It's called Attitude

and you can find it here

Gorgoeus tag thanks Jennifer =D

Thanks so much


Monday, 5 January 2009

Played with my Kit!

Dont worry, Im not tutting this one lol.

I know I was told yesterday I use gorjuss too much, but I couldnt resist this one, I had to play lol.

Showing Off a Pressie made using my freebie Birthday Kit!

I LOVE it =D

Made by the lovely Lou from Simply Devilish

Thanks so much Luo, it's gorjuss =D

Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's My Burpday Today woohooo!

Yep, 33 today, wow, where have all the years gone?

I made a little mini kit for you guys.

I hope you like it. Its called Celebrate and it's full size only!

Heres a preview of what Ive made.

Get it here

Back soon, huggies Chelle