Sunday, 27 March 2016

CU OK Overlays

Been making some overlays for myself for kit making, 
and thought i would share them. They are CU OK 

They are not textured, but I have included a textured overlay incase you need one :P 

Get them Here

New Kit

I've been working on this kit for a few weeks

I've seen plenty pregnancy kits, or baby kits, but havent yet come across a TTC kit.

No, I'm not TTC lol, but I do use FAM and chart, and this gave me the idea for the kit :D

I hope this is something that someone may get the use of, if you happen to download it, i hope you enjoy :D

Not everything is shown in the preview, but didn't want to cram everything in
It's also been a while since i uploaded or made anything, so please be gentle with me if I've made a mistake with anything :P

Download Here