Thursday, 15 January 2009

If it aint one, its the other!

OK I posted to let you guys know about my baby boy.....well, seems my baby girlie didnt want to be outdone and has come down with Scarlet Fever also =(
I havent had much time at all, I went and made some goodies tonight for a new Kit I'm working on which might be available tomorrow depending on how my babies are lol. Other than that.....Ive been busy busy busy as you can imagine.

Ethan is much better tho which is great, still a bit sleepy tho, but Kiana is not handling her Scarlet Fever so well, she's been throwing up all over the place.....not good! I'm hoping that she wont be sick tomorrow and maybe the Penicillin might get a chance to work on her little body.

I might be back tomorrow with a kit and a freebie, if not, hopefully Saturday =D

Have a good night/day



Emily said...

Hope your babies are feeling better!

Hilly said...

I just had to say THANK YOU for your amazing masks you've created! I have 'em all and love them so much! I had a computer crash and lost everything. Was so happy to find your masks and recover them! I hope you created many more! You're so talented!
Thanks oodles....