Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Scarlet Fever!

It's lovely isnt it, or at least it sounds nice lol.

It was my youngest boys Burpday yesterday and he spent most of it not feeling well =(

My niece was recently in hospital with Scarlet Fever, and when I noticed his tongue was a bit furry with blotches, I got him an appointment as soon as I could. He had already been ill and spending alot of time asleep.

He had a throat swab taken just to be sure, and we got the confirmation today, he has group A Strep in the throat.....in other words, he has Scarlet Fever lol.

He seems to be better today tho as in, hes not in bed lol. His tongue looks weird, but hes excited about a whole week off school as you can imagine!

So anyway, lets hope it doesnt stay too long and it doesnt spread to the other 3 kiddies.....Oh my, can you imagine?????

I'm going into hiding lol

Hope you all had an awesome weekend

Hugs Chelle


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